I can easily state that after my reflexology sessions with Natural Pathways, I feel better and find myself in a better mood, more positive, friendlier and patience.  I sense an immediate heightened awareness and a reconnection to myself and my surroundings.  This helps place me in the present mind, in the "Now", allowing me to appreciate and benefit the immediate moment without letting outside stressors interfere.  It is truly amazing, the feeling you get during and after the session.  I describe it as a "wonderful fade..." taking you somewhere meditative in a sense, somewhere calming, full of tranquility.  It took me somewhere new, a place a hadn't yet discovered.

-Steve T.

I have so many medical problems, that I can't even remember them all, so I keep a list in my purse.  And (as many sadly know) chronic illness is the fastest road to the poorhouse. So, I have a zillion things to worry about.

But now I feel A LOT better.  I think unconsciously I feared that if I ever stopped worrying, if i ever let go of my anxiety and tension, that my problems would all get together and drive themselves into a ditch somewhere - as if only my worrying kept disaster at bay.  But (miracle of miracles!) I now feel wonderfully serene, and I can return to face my work refreshed and renewed, much better able to cope than before.

I have Dawn Skoglund and reflexology treatment to thank for this wonderful new peace of mind.  In addition, I just plain feel better!  Better as in more energy, less fatigue, greater mental clarity, all that good stuff .  I have no idea how reflexology works, but based on results (and what else really matters?) I recommend it highly.

Sometimes people are so tense for so long, they don't even realize it because it becomes their normal state of mind.  Only when they fully relax can they look back and marvel at how they were suffering for no good purpose, and how they were wasting a lot on energy spinning their wheels.

-Marian V.

I have been having regular reflexology sessions with Dawn for years.  I have anxiety issues and I find that reflexology helps ease my anxiety, reduces my stress and leaves me feeling like a marshmallow.  I am so thankful I found reflexology to help with my anxiety and to support me with my health goals.

-Jessica J.

I have been enjoying my reflexology sessions very much.  I noticed a difference in my emotional/mental state as much as a physical sense of well-being after each sessions.  Since Dawn started working with me, I haven't had any "sick" time such as colds, flus, etc., or any nagging aches and pains.  I always notice a big difference in my mood and general outlook after each session.

-Cheryl A.